Inspired by village alleyways of Southern Spain, El Pasadero was designed by Jason and Irene Reese. A decade earlier, this area was dominated by Casaba and Sweet Pea fields. 

Construction began in 1927 and was complete in 1931, in an era of period revival. It quickly became the home of movie stars, writers, set designers & a variety of entertainment artists from the golden age of Hollywood.

El Pasadero is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a part of the Courtyard thematic District as well as the City of West Hollywood designated Harper Avenue Historic District.

It has recently undergone a four year long restoration. It has been restored and renovated, to its original incarnation, with great care and brought up to date with features of exceptional quality. 

While honoring its illustrious past, El Pasadero begins its new life as luxury apartments.